CD Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra CD Das Geisterschiff CD NOAH

Das Geisterschiff

Das Geisterschiff


CD The World Quintet CD Gripsholm - Soundtrack CD Crazy Freilach

The World Quintet

Gripsholm - Soundtrack

Crazy Freilach

CD Symphonic Klezmer CD Contemporary Klezmer CD Traditional Jewish Music

Symphonic Klezmer

Contemporary Klezmer

Traditional Jewish Music

Kolsimcha on CD

Over the last 20 years Kolsimcha has released several CDs. The first in 1990 with «Traditional Jewish Music», the newest in 2013 at Abbey Road Studio 1 in London: «Kolsimcha & London Symphony Orchestra».
On the following pages you can browse through all our productions, listen to music clips and read about the different CDs. Every single production is a stepping stone in the overall development of the band and the musicians. Every CD is different, but they all share the excellence and brilliance, the delight in playing this wonderfull music, the musicallity and the high standard in production that represent the quality of Kolsimcha since their beginning. Have fun.

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